Friday, March 17, 2017

"Make It Mine" From Kate Spade New York

Yesterday, I enjoyed the event of Kate Spade New York.

First, I chose a beige bag from "MAKE IT MINE” series. The bag has a modular design so I can easily customize it! Next, there are many different covers for bags, and I was trying to decide it. Remembering my bags in closet, at last I could choose stripe pattern, the back was red! Finally, the staff recommended me an elegant white strap designed like a corset. It was bolder than standard equipment one. I put it on the bag. It was completed!! Today, I am going to a english school with the bag, the cover is red. The red signifies passion and love for my studying English!. By the way, in Japan, we have a graduation ceremony in March, and an entrance ceremony in April. So "MAKE IT MINE” bags are so gift for our children or niece! And it is so lovely that you give it for you!! The leather is good smell like a new Randoseru that is a traditional backpack used by Japanese elementary school children to.

昨日、ケイト・スペード ニューヨークの"MAKE IT MINE"のカスタマイズバッグ作りに挑戦してきました。まず、ベージュのキャンダスバッグを選び、次にお気に入りのカバーを決めました。手持ちのバッグの中で足りない色と柄を思い出し、ベーシックなストライプと赤のリバーシブルにしました。最後に、コルセットのようなデザインの太いストラップをスタッフのみなさんに選んでいただき、私だけのバッグが完成!! さて今日は英会話スクールの日なので、赤いカバーにしてみました。赤は勉強のやる気がでそうでしょ。 今のシーズン、卒業式、入学式のお祝いに、この"MAKE IT MINE"をお子様や姪っ子にプレゼントするのも喜ばれそうです。バッグのレザーは新しいランドセルの匂いがしましたよ。対象店舗など詳しくはこちらをご覧くださいませ。

Sacai cardigan, Kate Spade New York bag and knit, The Dallas jeans


  1. This is wonderful idea, I love both options :-)

  2. The Make it Mine series is so cute! I always love their bag collection :)

  3. What a great event, and you look beautiful, I love all the outfits and accessories!

  4. That bag is very elegant and beautiful :-)

  5. This is so cool and your bag is totally you!

    Have a great week,
    Almost Stylish

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my recent post!

  6. Thank you for lots of comments!!
    The bag is so great!!!